Monday, December 22, 2008


Move Along, Nothing to See Here...(a repost appropriate to the season)

Not really. There are things to see here that may please or engrage you. It's "holiday" time so postings here will be very sparse and sporadic (I like alliteration).

I have no idea when I'll get back to this nonsense.

If you're new to this site please see my "Big Rants" for entertainment, thought provocation, or masochistic immersion.

Have a jolly week, month, year,

A dude who blogs.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


An Excellent Video Critique of Che:


Wednesday, December 10, 2008


"Jesus Died On The Cross For My Sins"...and all I got was this lousy bureau-state?

It's been said by some that Jesus was the "first socialist" (this is pretty insulting to Jesus), but wishing to "help the unfortunate" is not the same as wanting to punish the successful or erecting a powerful state to control the lives of others. Robin Hood is not the founder of a great religion.

The real "first socialist" had no qualm with the "sin" of envy. The first socialist was the guy who looked at his neighbor's good fortune and wanted to steal part or all of it for himself. The mythology of socialist goodness, then and today, conflicts with the reality of people merely wanting the authority to plan and punish.

Saturday, December 06, 2008


Not Paying Attention During Important Times

Supporting peaceful resolutions to conflict and being opposed to war are noble ideals, but The West now finds itself in a circumstance where its leaders will have to decide if they are on anyone's side, because there are strong undemocratic forces emerging and coordinating that are clearly not on the side of open, free, and pluralistic society. The relativistic and weak-willed are on the verge of losing everything that decent thinkers have fought for over centuries (as well as potentially losing civilian populations in the millions). The so-called "peace-makers" of our time are not blessed, and if they have their way, they shall inherit no more than scorn from future historians of character and honesty.

When the choice is "support the troops" vs. "consider the [enemy's] perspective," I'm going to go with the troops. The enemy (yes, there is an enemy) wants you, your friends, and family either dead or enslaved to ideologies and dogma. If you're "considering his or her perspective" (the enemy) you're not an "intellectual" or "peace-maker," your a total fool. It may also be added that, if you don't know who the enemies are or if they even haven't been paying attention.

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